Product Design
Mentor, Teacher, Project Lead, UX/UI Designer, UI Engineer, Data Champion, Components, DSM and Libraries

Over 20 years of experience in web and mobile applications. Human-centric designer creating intuitive user experiences. Accelerating adoption, increase customer loyalty, and create sustainable growth.


Love what you do!

I believe that when you do things with passion, magic happens. I was lucky enough to discover tech when I was very young, I've been at it ever since.

Sketch | Figma | Invision | Maze
HTML | CSS | Photoshop
Illustrator | Accessibility | CSS Grid | Flexbox | Figma | UX Research | Analytics

Product Strategy

Visual Design

Interaction Design

User Research & Data

Content Strategy

Code & Dev Bridge


Elise Richey
Elise Richey

Designer Developer

Catch me while you can

I’ve ridden the AlCan solo on an old Suzuki, organized the famous downhill trike races in Seattle, run bicycle accessibility rides and services at Burrrr dot dot “That thing in the desert”…

Now I split my time between Reno and San Francisco.  Secretly, I love Reno (Shhhh don’t tell the Bay Area), but Northern Nevada is kinda cool.