InsureTech Sales Dashboard

User dashboard for agency owners in the commercial insurance space.

Agency Management Systems

Coterie is an insurance technology company that is rethinking the way small business insurance operates by incorporating speed, simplicity, and service into the commercial insurance experience.

  • Situation: The users (agents) had to way of managing their own teams and user permissions for the quoting system. They had to call customer service or their rep to add users or term users.
  • Task: I was tasked with creating (UI) for the backend management system
  • Action: After designing the initial screens and prototype, I set up Maze to test my hypothesis.
  • Result: I delivered a useful tool to the existing agents to manage their own teams vs calling the help desk.
Coterie Insurance


Setting up the UX standards

As a startup that went to dev quickly, the company had little to no user research standards or reports.  I helped to establish the UX department and grow it to mature.


Wires and UX Flow

Working through ideation with wireframes helps the stakeholders and PM’s flush out their ideas.

The Agent Dashboard

Designs to Testing


Using Maze to test my usability

Add filtering by activity, add active agents within 24 hours, add sharing for easier quote sharing and revenue generation.

Continuing Research & Design

Asking for feedback once they have a prototype to view